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Christian instant message pals no dating

is a political magazine and imagining the overthrow of the current political system is the only way I can be enthused about politics.When people talk about politics within the existing Westminster framework I feel a dull thud in my stomach and my eyes involuntarily glaze.Like when I’m conversing and the subject changes from me and moves on to another topic.I try to remain engaged but behind my eyes I am adrift in immediate nostalgia; “How happy I was earlier in this chat,” I instantly think. Like most people I am utterly disenchanted by politics.Last week, I saw my little boy’s life flash before my eyes and it shook me to the core.We were coming back from the pool and I had stopped to talk to a neighbor.

Total revolution of consciousness and our entire social, political and economic system is what interests me, but that’s not on the ballot. The freethinking social architect Buckminster Fuller said humanity now faces a choice: oblivion or utopia.

I can only thank some angel that day for diverting what could have been any parent’s absolute worst nightmare from coming true. And that night, as I watched him sleeping serenely in his bed, tears poured down my cheeks and I vowed to him and God above that I would keep him safe, no matter what it took.

Little buddy pedaled across the street only a split second before the truck sped through the stop sign. We make our children wear bicycle helmets and life jackets to protect them, but as they grow up, how do we safeguard them from more abstract dangers, like child pornography, sexual abuse, and cyberbullying?

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Like most people I regard politicians as frauds and liars and the current political system as nothing more than a bureaucratic means for furthering the augmentation and advantages of economic elites.

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