Teen dating violence in asia

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Teen dating violence in asia

South Asian Network (SAN) is a grassroots, community based organization dedicated to advancing the health, empowerment and solidarity of persons of South Asian origin in Southern California.

Today, she uses her experience to break the silence and empower those who have been impacted.

Service providers require a culturally sound model for dealing with South Asian victims.

Such models are used by the few organizations operated by South Asians for their own communities but are rarely acknowledged by the larger American institutions.

(DASH) is to ensure access to safe and sustainable refuge for victims of domestic violence through the development and management of safe housing and related services, while increasing the capacity of other community-based organizations to expand housing for victims throughout the District of Columbia.

DVRP is a non-hierarchical organization which is built upon mutual respect, shared responsibility, trust and equality, and is supported by a collaborative style of leadership.

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Break the Cycle believes everyone has the right to safe and healthy relationships.

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