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Hef would pleasure himself while watching porn and smoking pot before taking short turns with the girls in the room and then finishing by himself. Ever since I left the mansion about six years ago, I got offers and interest for doing a tell-all book.All the while, Madison writes, the women around him would "[go] through the motions as if they were getting it on or making out with each other, but no one really was." She adds, "No one was actually in the mood (besides Hef, I assumed) or turned on in the slightest." Madison discussed that and much more from her book on a call with And I wasn't interested at first, so I was like, "No, I don't just want to do a tell-all where I talk about someone else." If I do ever write a book I want it to be my story and my journey and what I learned." Or, "Oh, Hef should have married you." As if I had missed out on something, when I was independent, free, and making tons of money on my own and doing really well in my career.And I just couldn't believe that people couldn't see that that was better.There is definitely a balance because financial stress can be just as much of a block to creativity, so a day job is absolutely necessary, but week after week of living on soup and toast will motivate the hell out of anyone. HE WHO HAS THE GOLD MAKES THE RULES Here’s the thing about the super-rich—they don’t get to where they are without having to manipulate a shit-ton of people. 1% wanted me; this of course, became a vicious cycle.A belly full of foie gras and Chateauneuf-du-Pape isn’t exactly going to light a fire under anyone’s ass. They are also used to getting what they want and throw ugly little fits when things don’t go their way. It nearly destroyed our entire trip to Europe because instead of enjoying me he was consumed with me."We did our thing off camera, and there was an unspoken competition for camera time when the cameras were around.

"She writes a book putting rumors out there about me all over the Internet and stuff," Kendra said on her reality show last week. Seven years later and this bitch is talking about s**t that happened while I was f**king 18, 19 and 20." "We were never friends," Kendra admitted.

"At the end of the day, what we did was we just f**ked the same man.

That's not friends." Does this mean there won't be a reunion at Bridget's wedding?

Marquardt is still close with Madison -- they even spent the day together on Wednesday at Disneyland.

While those two are still friendly, Holly and Kendra Wilkinson are not on good terms!

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One of the lessons I learned: THE HUSTLE IS MOTIVATING When life is comfortable, the hunger subsides.

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