Boa expect dating

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Boa expect dating

The man at the helm of Globe Com, billionaire media magnate Teddy K., has been on a spending spree recently, acquiring a food service company, a cable operator, and two telecommunications providers in deals totaling more than billion.And how did one lucky ferret owner come to own the largest dog treat ...Now that it's July and summer has arrived, that means 2017 is already halfway over (That was fast)!

Maybe you found it boring because it showed reality? Too intense x__x and the ending where Siwon suddenly popped up... Daniel and Bo A were prefect for each other i want more of this story!!

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I was expecting sort of vanilla type movie, but was VERY PLEASANTLY GOOD!

SEE ALSO: K-Pop stars with drastic concept changes since debut Cara: The Black Skirts ''Who Do You Love'' Some of the MVs that stood out to me are: WINNER - Fool, it is just one of my favorite MVs ever, the cinematography is amazing and everything is just beautiful, B. P - Wake Me Up, really love all the symbolisms there, very deep it's very well-thought MV. G - 1.2.3, you'd expect a serious MV but it has funny bits.

Sistar - Lonely, also full of symbolisms, it is a happy MV but that makes it ever sadder in a good way. It reflects well the personality of the members, very unique and it fits perfectly the song.

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I hope the ending would be more well written because since the beginning of the story everything was great! Though they could have made another episode and made it a 3 episodes drama.

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