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“Today there are a lot of women who are single and don’t want to remarry and there are the businesswomen who need company when they are in Belfast for a function and don’t want to stand out like a sore thumb.” Old friends have noticed his swagger since he took up the escort game. With my client I behave as if we are friends.” Clients can be guaranteed John will remain on his best behaviour. I drink from a glass when I order beer and stay away from the shorts — the mad stuff!

No wonder Western women see a Third World holiday as the gateway to casual sex - sometimes in exchange for cash.The scene - from the controversial new French film, Heading South, which opened this weekend, starring Charlotte Rampling, makes us confront uncomfortable truths about sexuality in a globalised world, and the legacy of colonialism.In the film, an intelligent, provocative take on sex tourism in the late-1970s, Rampling plays Ellen, an American professor, who spends every summer at a private resort in Haiti, where beautiful, muscled black boys are available to the female clientele, mostly affluent single women in their forties, who despair of finding mates through more conventional means.You can swim among native noodle packets and tropical-coloured plastic bags, you can get your toenails cut and your hair braided, and you can save a horse and ride a Kuta cowboy."Women come to us because they want to be respected, they want to be treated right" 'Brown Sugar' told me (that's what how he wanted me to name him in the story by the way).

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But I was wrong." Sarah Jarvis is 59 and has four grown-up children and four grandchildren.