Avg stuck in updating mode

Posted by / 15-Jan-2018 04:44

Avg stuck in updating mode

I called tech support and they said they could solve the problem for only 9. Feel free to use their free virus program, but don't bother buying anything from them.

It looks like a couple of weeks before I will get the money back. All it got me was their free version (with unlimited popups), and an unauthorized charge. I have had AVG for about ten years, but in the last couple of years when it is time to renew it has seemed like the pop-up hard sell has gotten worse and worse.

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What happened here is you’ve visited AVG website to download free antivirus and ended up installing AVG IS with AVG Zen, which you’ve not expected or don’t want.

But problems can happen: the download getting stuck, the update refusing to install, or the system being caught up in a restart loop.

Error messages for failed updates are rarely helpful, which means it can be hard to find a specific solution.

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