Celebraties dating chris egan and amanda seyfried dating

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There's a new hot couple in town, Brooklyn Beckham and Madison Beer.

The duo were spotted loved-up in the streets of Hollywood, going for a shopping spree in the afternoon before enjoying a night out.

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contacted Tinder asking for a comment but have not yet received any response.

The pair - who met through mutual friends at a party in LA - recently celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary, with Reese posting on Instagram: "He makes me laugh everyday and supports me in everything I do. Violetta - who has Ukrainian heritage and grew up in Brooklyn - is a professionally trained ballet dancer, with Ansel dreamily telling back in 2015: "I love when a girl is like, 'I can't hang out.

When it comes to celebrity relationships, is age really just a number?

According to a recent study, the less of an age difference there is between partners, the more likely a relationship will last.

We've listed all the hottest A-list hook-ups: from brand new relationships, to rekindled romances, flings, flirtations, and rumours...

The big question is: will they make it through to 2018 or end up as a celebrity split?

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You never know when a celeb might find what they’re looking for and delete their account, though.